Panda Bear Halloween Costumes for Sale

Panda Bears are cute furry animals from the Far East that have fascinated Westerners for many centuries.  These cute bamboo eating creature’s black and white fur patterns, in particular their raccoon like masks around their eyes, make them look like stuff animals that people find to be irresistibly cute! So it’s not surprising that pandas are a popular costume for kids, especially the new Kung Fu Panda costumes. These panda Halloween costumes are not only for children, you can also shop for some quality Panda costumes for adult men and women.  Take a look at these fantastic sale bargains on Panda Halloween costumes today!

Panda Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Kids Kung-Fu Panda Po Costume

Kids Kung-Fu Panda Costume

Your child can dress up like Po from the Kung Fu Panda movies in this deluxe panda muscle costume for kids.

Adult Inflatable Panda Costume

Adult Inflatable Panda Costume

If you are in search of a hilariously cute costume, this inflatable panda costume will be your choice for Halloween! This supersize outfit is a windbreaker jumpsuit
that you fill up with air with a battery operated fan (4AA batteries). The zipper is on the front for easy access. Made for adults.

Child Inflatable Panda Costume

Child Inflatable Panda Costume

The inflatable panda costume is now available for kids! Get this cute popular costumes that all the kids will love for Halloween!

Deluxe Latex Panda Mask

Deluxe Panda Mask

This panda mask is a full size deluxe latex head mask for adults.

Fuzzy Panda Hat

Fuzzy Panda Hat

If you prefer a simple outfit for Halloween, how about just throwing a furry panda baseball cap and then add any cute panda t-shirt?

Child Panda Costume

Child Panda Costume

This comfortable panda costume for kids features a back zipper jumpsuit with faux fur and mitts and soft face with velcro tab under chin. Available in child small, medium, or large.

Adult Panda Mascot Costume

Adult Panda Mascot

If you are looking for a great bargain on a low price Panda mascot costume for men or women, we recommend this one. The kids will love this furry mascot which includes the black and white suit with mitts, feet, and character head.

Adult Panda Halloween Costume

Adult Panda Halloween Costume

This panda bear Halloween costume for men or women features a panda plush headpiece, fuzzy black/white top with paws, pants, and shoe covers.

Sexy Playful Panda Costume for Woman

Playful Panda Costume for Women

This sexy Panda woman costume will catch all the men’s attention with this sexy black and white petticoat dress and cute furry panda hood with paw ties. Available in women dress sizes x-small to large.

Tween Girl Panda Costume for Halloween

Cute Tween Panda Costume for Girls

This Pandamonium costume is a cute, stylish, hip feminine panda costume that girls will love to wear on Halloween. It features a cool imprinted dress, black vest, panda head hood, black leggings and fluffy boot covers. Tween sizes 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14.

Kid Panda Costume for Halloween

Child Panda Pajama Costume

This child Panda Halloween costume includes a cute buttoned soft fleece black/white jumpsuit with attached panda face hood.

Baby Panda Bear Halloween Costume

Cute Panda Bear Costume for Babies

This infant panda costume for babies includes the cute jumpsuit and panda headpiece. Sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months are available.

Is a Panda bear more like a stuffed Teddy bear with a raccoon’s color? Don’t laugh. The characteristic “mask-like” marking around their eyes have led many kids to ask this silly question. This Halloween season why not go for one of the cutest costumes ever, a Panda Halloween costume from your favorite Halloween store! Pandas certainly look like bears, but they have a few unusual features – such as those raccoon-like markings around the eyes – which led people to believe that they are more docile and innocent than they really are. After scientists debating over this animal’s origin for hundred years, geneticists were finally able to test the DNA from pandas and determine how genetically related they are to bears. They found that pandas the rarest of bears – found in a wilderness area in China that continues to vanish due to the expansion of civilization.

You’ll look wild and cute as you invoke the animal within in an adult Panda costume for sale. If you think these cute cuddly panda bear costumes are cute, check out our listings to see other adorable bear Halloween costumes for kids.